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FTA circulars

Date Circulars Name
29 Jul 2020

Regarding Examination of Tariff Lines

27 Jul 2020

Harnessing of Export Opportunities due to tariff elimination on certain products by LAC countries in the wake of Covid-19- regarding.

24 Jul 2020

Request for inputs with regard to NTBs/trade issues/any other issues pertaining to UAE

22 Jul 2020

Regarding members inputs for 2nd meeting of India Ecuador Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) in New Delhi

10 Jul 2020

Harnessing of Export Opportunities due to tariff elimination on certain products by LAC countries in the wake of Covid-19- regarding.

08 Jul 2020

Regarding extension of issue of Certificate of Origin under India-Chile PTA.

02 Jul 2020

Regarding Date of shipment stamped on the APTA Certificates of Origin

01 Jul 2020

Regarding seeking comments/inputs on India-USA Commercial Dialogue - from MSME viewpoint

16 Jun 2020

Inputs on tariff concession on products being traded under India- Korea CEPA

11 Jun 2020

Regarding members input on Tariff Barriers with European Countries

05 Jun 2020

Regarding members input on Non-Tariff Barriers with EU and Other European Countries

27 May 2020

Regarding members comments on India-Korea CEPA- on specific tariff lines in Korea's priority request list for tariff concessions and India's request list for seeking tariff concessions

07 Apr 2020

Regarding India's Exports to Japan without Certificate of origin for the time being

07 Apr 2020

Exemption from submission of original documents for tariff preference on exports to Indonesia

03 Apr 2020

Regarding seeking members input for 2nd meeting of India-Ecuador Joint Economic and Trade Committee

23 Mar 2020

Seeking members inputs on latest feedback on Supply Chain disruptions and export impact with China due to Coronavirus outbreak

Date Circulars Name
20 Mar 2020

Impact of disruption in EU, US and Middle East markets due to Coronavirus

17 Feb 2020

Regarding seeking members inputs on Non-Tariff Measures & other Investment/Tariff/Trade related issues with Switzerland for JEC meeting scheduled for 2-3 March, 2020

06 Feb 2020

Inputs on trade related issues to be taken up with Tajikistan

13 Jan 2020

Regarding Stakeholder Consultation for India – EU BTIA & India-UK Trade

19 Dec 2019

Regarding Online filling and Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin under SAFTA & SAPTA for India's Exports to Nepal w.e.f. 18th December 2019

29 Nov 2019

Regarding urgent inputs required on issues/Non-Tariff barriers pertaining to the WANA countries Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco

23 Nov 2019

Regarding seeking inputs on Tariffs and FTAs

20 Nov 2019

New Important decree issued from the Egyptian Authority for import and export Control

07 Nov 2019

Inputs for Second expansion of India-Chile Preferential Trade Agreement

24 Oct 2019

Regarding members input/concerns for Bilateral meeting of CIM with German Minister on 31.10.2019/01.11.2019

23 Oct 2019

Regarding members input/concern for India-Nigeria Joint Trade Committee (JTC) Meeting

17 Oct 2019

Regarding members inputs for India-Angola Joint Commission Meeting

11 Oct 2019

Protocol of the 7th India-Russia Working group on Modernization and Industrial Cooperation under the India-Russia intergovernmental commission on Trade, Economic and Scientific, Technological and Cultural cooperation held on 29th August,2019 in New Delhi- ATR reg.

07 Oct 2019

Inputs for negotiations for Free Trade Agreement between India and Georgia

01 Oct 2019

Regarding Information on Non-Tariff Barriers in respect of Sweden

01 Oct 2019

India-Peru Trade Agreement- Preparation of Offer List to Peru- regarding

27 Sep 2019

Regarding members input on factors affecting the exports to Korea and Japan

22 Aug 2019

Members input/concern for meeting of 5th Bilateal High Level Dialogue (BHLG) on Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation between India and Mexico

13 Aug 2019

Regarding members input for 9th India-Kenya Joint Trade Committee Meeting scheduled to be held on 19-20 August ,2019 at New Delhi

05 Aug 2019

Regarding Exports to ASEAN region_products with large import appetite in ASEAN countries